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How does the disaffiliation process work and what does it mean for FUMC?

The United Methodist Church determines the disaffiliation process according to the requirements found in the Book of Discipline, which FUMC is obligated to follow.


When and how will FUMC determine whether or not to disaffiliate from the UMC?

A church conference will be scheduled for a vote to disaffiliate from the UMC. For the resolution to pass, it must receive an affirmative vote of two thirds of the members of FUMC in attendance.


Are you required to be a church member to vote?

Yes, Membership is required to vote.


Is there an absentee ballot?

No, there is no absentee ballot, All voters must be present to cast their vote.


Is the vote to disaffiliate a vote to no longer be Methodists?

No, the disaffiliation is not a vote to cease being Methodist. FUMC will remain Methodist Christians regardless of the outcome of disaffiliation. The church was birthed by Wesleyan heritage—we were Methodists before we were “United Methodists”—and we will remain so.


What happens to my united Methodist church membership if we disaffiliate? 

Will my membership automatically transfer to a new denomination?

If FUMC does vote to disaffiliate, the final decision for Disaffiliation will not take place until the

Special Annual Conference in May or November of 2023. No changes will be made or will be necessary as it relates to church membership until that time unless a member so chooses. Upon the Special Annual Conference approving Disaffiliation,

FUMC will move into its next season of ministry for the Kingdom of God either as an independent church or a member of the Global Methodist Church, Free Methodist Church, or some other Wesleyan denomination, as yet to be determined. At that time, membership status at FUMC will be fully explained.

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